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Motion Graphics &
Video Editing


4 Months

Learning Mode:



Professional Portfolio


Internship Program 

Assistance for:

Job Placements

Course Overview

Our course goes beyond technical skills and focuses on developing creative mindsets. Students are encouraged to think critically, experiment, and push their creative boundaries, enabling them to create unique and impactful animations and motion graphics.

Gain comprehensive training and practical experience with our 4 -month program, resulting in the creation of a professional portfolio that showcases your creative abilities. Our dedicated team will also provide job placement assistance, ensuring you have access to suitable employment opportunities to kickstart your successful animation career.

Software Covered:

Adobe After Effects,

Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Audition


Motion Graphics Basics:

  • After Effects as the tool

  • Layout, composition, and parameters

  • Timeline, keyframes, anchor point

  • Layer types and transformation

Assignment 1- Radar Animation:

  • Rotating wiper, moving dot, enlarging circle

After Effects with Photoshop & Illustrator Files:

  • Using files, similarities between tools

Assignment 2- Solar System:

  • Using Illustrator files, shape layers

  • Parenting, rotation animation, anchor points

Assignment 3- Animated Car:

  • Rotating wheels, moving road and trees

  • Car shake with impact, principles of animation

Assignment 4- Ball Bounce:

  • Drawing circle shape, Graph Editor

  • Principles of Animation, Mesh Puppet Tool

Homework- Bouncing Ball Animation:

  • Position animation with pen tool

Assignment 5: Small Organic Bird Animation:

  • Fewer drawings, sound in After Effects

  • Text animations, kinetic typography

  • Character animation, rigging, lip syncing

Animatics and 3D-like Illusion:

  • Animatics importance, 3D-like illusion

  • Expressions, character animation for dialogue

VFX Introduction:

  • VFX overview, history

  • Keying, light layering, tracking, camera

  • Effects, video manipulation, matte painting

Premiere Pro Basics and Animation Showreel:

  • Premiere Pro layout, tools

  • Clip combining, transitions, sound effects

  • Blending modes, color correction, masking

  • Creating animation showreel with music

Student's Work
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