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Motifo Academy of Graphic and Motion Design

At Motifo Academy Nagpur, we teach advanced lessons in Graphic Design and 2D Animation using Software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition, etc.

Courses Offered

Graphic Design
Thinking and Application

  • Photoshop Essentials

  • Illustrator Essentials

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Advertisement & Campaign Design

Courses Offered

2D Animation & Motion Graphics Fundamentals

  • Fundamental Principals of Animation

  • After Effects Essentials

  • Premiere Pro Essentials

Advance Course*

*Requires completing pre-    requisite course

Video Editing

UI/UX Design

Thinking and Application

Character Design and Illustrations

Introduction to Frame-by-Frame Animation

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Why learn  Design?

The Information age is over,
it’s now the Experience Age

With so much data available for a person to consume every day, how that information is being presented decides whether the person will heed that information.

So the design and arts industry is going to boom in the coming decades. Everything, now, needs to be beautified and very thoughtfully presented so that the audience is attracted to it, wants to provide attention to it, and with an ever-declining attention span, will want to understand that information easily and as fast as possible.

About the Institute

Enhance Learning

Although in India we have an abundance of very good artists, there is a general lack of training that can help these young students express their ideas and manifest their creativity through modern Digital Design Tools.

Universities and colleges today are still teaching decades-old traditional art forms in the same decades-old methods using the same decades-old instruments.


At Motifo Academy we aim to instruct the traditional artists in the latest technologies so that they can utilize their talent for the modern global market.

About Chief Instructors

The chief faculty of Motifo Academy has a cumulative experience of 24+ years in the fields of animation, graphic design, branding design, advertisement campaign design, illustration, etc.

Having worked on 150+ commercial projects from across the globe during the past six years (and ongoing), the mentors at Motifo Academy are well-versed in the fundamentals of arts and are constantly updated with the latest trends, tools, and techniques available.


All this knowledge and experience will be made available to the students of Motifo Academy.

Graphic Designing

Software Covered

Software Covered

Adobe Photoshop






After Effects



Premiere Pro



Prototyping Tool



Website Builder

Why Us

Why Choose Us

Faculty with Global Industry Experience

Emphasis on Practical Knowledge


Placement Support


and Sportive Teachers

Experienced &

Qualified Instructors


Teaching Method

Well Researched & Carefully Designed Courseware

Entrepreneurship & Placement Guidance





Companies hired students

from the Academy


The best place to learn graphic designing in Nagpur.🤩
It was a great experience to learn software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe after effects, and adobe premiere Pro from Motifo Academy. They elaborated on each and every topic in a very simple manner so that I could understand the concept as I was a fresher in digital art. The environment here was professional as well as friendly. I am definitely going to recommend Motifo Academy to my friends. Thank you!

Vaishnavi / Visual Designer / Deloitte. / India

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